Friday, December 31, 2010


This has been such an uplifting season for our family! We have been blessed with different family members coming to visit us. But the Lord has given us a new church family too. We have been blessed with such sweet fellowship with the family that the Lord has given us here in Des Moines.

Over Thanksgiving, my parents, Tom's parents and Jathan and Sonya came over, and the Luceros were able to come too. I just loved getting to sing in my living room! Isn't it awesome to have your pastor and his family join you for Thanksgiving dinner?

Over Christmas we had a wonderful time with a sweet family in the church, the Stembers, sledding and frosting sugar cookies. We had Christmas Eve at Susan Lynch's house with the Seylers, the Hindals, and the Dolinseks. The fellowship was so wonderful, and the singing was great! Tom's family came for Christmas day, and we were able to spend time with them. Then we just finished a short trip to Minn to visit Sonya's family in Luverne, and work on a few wedding details. We had such a wonderful time! They are very much family to us.

We will always miss those that we haven't gotten to see - the Robinsons, the Christiansens, the Keisters and so on, but we have been so blessed by the fellowship of believers here in Des Moines.

Christ has provided that sweet fellowship of the saints. With singing, prayer, devotions together, eating together, worshiping together, and more, we are so thankful for the family of believers!

On Sunday nights we now gather for dinner after evening worship. Sometimes it is small, and sometimes lots of folks stay, but we are able to eat and visit with brothers and sisters in Christ, and really get to know them. It really is family, sharing food and stories, discussing theology and movies, and encouraging each other for the upcoming week.

The Lord knows our needs! He provides for us in such wonderful ways!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Only a moment

I only have a moment, so I am really writing for my college girls who would like me to keep this undated better than I have been. Sorry girls! I am getting ready to head over to the school to pick up Lorien and Aleya. Lorien is working today at HyVee, and Kayren is already there.

I am closing out my classes at last - giving last chapter tests and trying to prepare students for finals.

I accepted a part-time position at DMACC as a math tutor, which I am excited about. I hope that it will help settle things down around here.

This morning, we read a snippet from Elizabeth Elliott about homeschooling. I have missed it. It was such a joy to get to be home all those years and be part of the children's school. The Lord has given our family lots of precious times.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One down, four to go!

Yes, it has been nearly six weeks since I last blogged! The class that has been consuming major blocks of time is now finished! Can I even begin to express how excited I am about that?! I am sure that my students are as thankful as I am that it is over. The accelerated pace made it grueling for all involved. Anyway, the final is over and the grades have been submitted!

I am hoping to pick up lots of pieces of life that have dropped along the way, including trying to find place tickets to get Kyrie home for Christmas, working on some of the music for church, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner and holiday, and of course, cleaning the house.

I am looking forward to evenings with the family again! I do not want to have another semester like this one. The price was too high.

The kids have youth group tonight at our house, though Tom and I will be going to Bible study at the church. We have lots of fun things going on in the next two weeks. We will surely miss Kesse and Kyrie Jo for Thanksgiving, but hope they have a wonderful time!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We had a wonderful Bible study tonight on Ephesians. I love the blessing of a mid-week study that refreshes my soul in the middle of chaos. Ephesians has such a beautiful passage on the mercy and grace of God, who saved us because of His love for us, and not because of our own works. In the middle of a messy week, what a relief and encouragement to know that I am not on trial for all the failures I've already committed.

We talked about God's precious mercy and patience, and while we definitely do not understand all the mysteries of God's election, it is so comforting!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October is here!

Friday is October 1 which means lots of different things. Fall is well underway, and the temps are dropping nicely to warrant sweaters and light jackets, coffee and hot chocolate, and more rain. Iowa has such beautiful weather in the fall. The colors are striking and the crispness in the air is a fresh relief from those hot summer days.

October 1 is also Lorien's and Uncle Max's birthdays. I won't mention Max's age, but Lorien will be 16! Wow. She will be able to drive and work. Kayren took Lorien out for dinner at the Olive Garden, and they stayed in to watch a movie together tonight. Sisters celebrating! It is so sweet to my heart to watch our children love and care for each other.

My fall/winter cold is settling in. Bummer.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Satisfying Saturday

This is the first Saturday in ages when we didn't have very urgent and important matters to attend to. We rose lazily after sleeping in (yea!!!) which is a favorite "activity" of mine. We read things, drank coffee and tea, and mused about the day. We ended up accomplishing quite a bit, for which I am thankful, and I didn't crack a math book today. What a wonderful break!

I did get to experience the laundromat. What an interesting place! It's a whirlwind of activity, with special understood rules about who goes first, and which machines are off limits. Of course, I didn't know any of these rules, so Tom had to instruct me in laundromat etiquette. We were able to get 10 loads done in 3 hours, which was great, but I was just exhausted from the experience! Our washer is in need of a special gasket that won't be arriving for a couple of weeks. So, we will get to do the laundromat a couple more times.

Tonight, we grabbed a couple of the girls and wandered around the mall looking at things. It was such a nice family day. I missed our college girls, and Jathan was attending drill. Kayren was working too, but it was nice to have some time together with those who were home.

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day, and we are so looking forward to it! We are praying for Adam and Mary Kathryn this weekend! They are candidating in Iowa. I can hardly believe it. I can't tell you how excited I would be if they were able to move back!

Well, off to bed.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blessings of babies

This afternoon I had the beautiful honor of holding a very sweet, tiny little baby boy, born less than 24 hours ago. He was sleepy, but was making lots of very cute faces - pouts, smiles, kisses, and raised eyebrows. He was trying so very hard at one point to open his eyes, but just couldn't bring himself to get them open. What a precious and sweet reminder of God's goodness to us! I was remembering the days when my children were so small. There are some things in life that God has given us that fill our hearts so full that we cannot even begin to explain it.

How I have loved watching my own children grow and change and by God's grace become what they are today. I will pray for little Xander Lynch to know Christ and live for Him.

What a blessing!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rebuked by my daughter

I have been rebuked by one of my daughters. She claims that I no longer blog. I would try to defend myself, but the evidence is overwhelming. So, here I am - finally. Sorry girls!

We have been frantically working on our house in getting it ready for an appraisal. The interest rates dropped again, and they are so low that it was worth it to try and get our home loan refinanced at the lower rate. The misery of course is that we have to get the house in tip top shape first, and our basement just recently flooded again! We had ten days. I am sure that my college girls are VERY glad that they weren't here. However, the basement is beautiful now! We hired a friend to come and cut the trim. He is a professional and he was able to trim the basement in about half a day. It would have taken me weeks! Anyway, we have doors and trim, painted rooms, new floors, and light fixtures instead of light bulbs sticking out of the walls. It looks finished and lovely. Lorien and Aleya are excited that they get to live down there now. It is really nice.

Appraisals are opportunities to fix all those little things that have been hanging over your head for a long time. I painted endlessly. Whew. Anyway, the appraisal was today and we won't hear anything about it for a couple of days.

I started my ten-week algebra class today. It is such a difficult class to teach. It is way too much information in such a short period of time. The students get frustrated quickly because they don't have the time to assimilate the information. I will do my best, but it is a very fast class.

Lorien and Aleya are enjoying school very much. They have good classes and lots of hard work. Aleya gets to start band tomorrow and she is very excited about that. She will be learning to play the flute. She was inspired by my cousin Rene and her daughter Jenna who played this past summer at the 50th anniversary party for my parents.

We are so thankful for God's goodness and mercy to us these days. We are thankful for our church family, and for Jody's preaching. You can hear him online at our church website -

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Vacation

This year we were able to travel east across the country and visit family. These trips always seem to go too fast.

We stopped at Arne and Debbie's first. They are our hotel along the way. They welcome us at all hours, feed us, give us a wonderful place to sleep, and don't get mad when we are only there for a very short time. We love going to worship with them. Dave's sermon was really good.

We did get to see Mama and Papa Robinson in Brevard, which is always a blessing. We got to sit and chat for a bit and catch up on what they have been doing, as well as talk about the wedding. Papa is already making plans! :)

Adam and Mary Kathryn were getting ready for their trip to MS, but graciously took us in for a few days. Adam cooked - which is always interesting, complicated and yummy. He cooks all those things that I bypass because it takes too long, or needs constant interaction. We sang around the piano, and enjoyed Peter and Philip's bass and tenor voices and Mary Kathryn's beautiful soprano! We relaxed and solved the world's problems on the couch or outside in lawn chairs. We love going to their house!

Then we went to Max and Anne's in Renick, WV. They have a beautiful blueberry farm there with lots of animals. It has the peacefulness of a farm with all the commotion of 13 cousins. Faith and cousins and Marshall and cousins all came to visit as well. So, we also gathered around the piano and sang. Max and Marshall sing parts, and all the kids love to sing. Some of them sing parts as well. So, from the living room of a farmhouse rang out praises (in parts) to our Lord. You can just imagine the music floating over the countryside. Everything we ate had been grown on the farm - meat, milk, cheese, veggies, fruit. Aleya got to milk the cow and feed the calf from a bottle. The girls fed the chickens and picked berries and tomatoes. One night all the cousins slept in the barn with a strange cat and bats (hmmm). The next night they all slept in the field under what would have been stars had it not been overcast. They woke up drenched! It was great!

Then we got to go back to Arne and Debbie's and stayed a little bit longer this time. We were able to worship with them again. Dave's sermon was good (I hear), but I accidentally took a sleep aid instead of Motrin in the morning, so I was really fighting sleep all day. They knock me right out, so I can't believe that I wasn't lying down in the pew, but Tom managed to keep me upright. We are hoping that Arne and Debbie can come for Thanksgiving this year!

Vacation is about seeing our wonderful family, singing and eating with them, and enjoying the beautiful scenery in all the wonderful places we get to go. We are so thankful for all that the Lord has given us. Don't forget guys - you can always make the trip to Des Moines too! You are welcome anytime!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Reformed Youth Conference

Kayren and Lorien left last night to go to Oregon. Oregon - wow! They get to go out to the beautiful state of Oregon with 700 other teenagers, and attend a Reformed Christian Conference out there. I have to admit a little bit of jealousy. Tom and I really enjoy going to conferences and I hope that they will have as much fun as we do when we go.

Kayren called last night from Kansas City. While she was taking a shower at the hotel, the bathtub overflowed, as well as the sink and toilet (yuck). So, they had to move to a different room. Exciting adventures await, I am sure.

They called today to say that they had made it safely. Now they will give up their phones and electronic toys and spend the week listening to godly men teach them from God's Word. How exciting!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid-Summer Rest

Ahh. The 50th's are over. What a joy and blessing it was to participate in those celebrations, but it is nice not to be so busy for a moment. We have some tremendous photos of both, taken by our good friend Amanda, who very kindly gave up lots of time to make these special occasions last on paper.

I have three more weeks of school, and then we are hoping to get back over to the east coast and visit family there. I do need to call and see if they are going to be home when we can come :)!!

Aleya turned 10 yesterday, and Kesse turned 21 today. The twins will be 32 on July 12th too, and Johanna, my niece has a birthday on the 8th ( I think). Busy month of birthdays!

The Lord has indeed been gracious to our families!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy week

This week we are looking forward to family coming in and spending time celebrating my parents' 50th anniversary. We have a few things planned, but mostly, it is so fun to have family come and spend some time together. I am really looking forward to it.

Of course we are going to need to put the house back together after the basement flooding again! Bummer. This time, we were more prepared. We were able to pull up the floor and put the furniture in the garage, and suck the water back out rather quickly. We put a sump pump in and we went from 4 inches to dry in 12 hours! Yea!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Summer is already swamped!

This week, I begin a new semester at DMACC with two classes. We are trying to get ready for Tom's parents' 50th Anniversary party on Memorial Day. It looks like 80-90 people are coming.

My parents have their 50th this summer as well, so we are planning a 50th for them on July 3rd here in Des Moines.

Kesse is working for HyVee and looking for other work. Kyrie is working a LOT at Cracker Barrel. Kayren is planning on babysitting and working at HyVee, and Lorien is planning on babysitting. Aleya will probably just play!

I took a class today on electronic gradebooks, and was excited about the Excel program that DMACC has set up, however, it didn't exactly fit my grading program. The lady who was teaching was trying to help me with my program, but finally she just laughed and exclaimed, "You have the most complicated grading system I have ever seen!" After quite a few hours now, I think I've got it! Finally! Now - I hope it works.

I can't believe that May is almost over!

Friday, May 21, 2010


We are in summer mode now, but it doesn't really feel like it. Two of my girls are still in school, and right when they get out, I start again. My college girls are home and working as many hours as possible in order to make enough money to get back to school in the fall. Also, May has been very cold for Iowa. It is nice because we aren't running the air conditioner, but it is just so unusual! Everything is green and growing, and beautiful. My flowers are thriving this year. I always forget how busy the summer is.

This year we are celebrating Tom's parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary (on May 31), and also my parents' 50th (on July 3). It is remarkable that both sets of parents would be celebrating their 50th in the same year. The celebrations are quite different - one with almost 100 people, and the other just with close family. But, we are grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate with them an occasion that is not common anymore. God has been very gracious to our family!

We are hoping to take another trip out east this year, but haven't had the time to think about when to go. We are hoping to see Robinson family in August!

We are very thankful for our church, and learning a lot through the preaching and teaching there. It has been a constant encouragement to us.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, Kesse made it home safely, even driving the crummiest car that we own. She had to stop periodically and put oil in it, but smoked it all the way home.

Kyrie, however, missed her plane because of weather and was stuck in the Detroit airport. Then, a very nice flight attendant got her a free hotel and breakfast! She was thrilled! She should be home in the morning.

We are giving a ladies' tea on Thursday for the ladies in the church and friends, and it will be so nice to have the girls home!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May is already so busy!

May just started and it is already full!

This week is my last week of school. I will give finals and compute grades for my classes at DMACC. On Saturday, the girls have a piano recital (fun!), and then we immediately leave for PA to pick up Kyrie Jo. We will be gone until Tuesday.

In the meantime, Kesse will make it home on Sunday.

On Thursday, after we get home we are hosting a ladies' tea at the house for ladies in the church.

About a week and a half after that, I start school again.

On Memorial Day weekend, we are hosting a 50th Anniversary Party for Tom's parents.

There is so much to do! We are thankful to get the girls back for another summer. One of these days, they will probably find a job elsewhere, and we won't get to have them around as much, so we are thankful for each summer that we get. The house will be back to 7.

I think one of my favorite parts of having the girls home is going to worship and filling up the pew; hearing them sing with us, and having the discussions about the sermon afterwards.

Welcome home, girls!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Posting for my college girls

Some days I don't have anything exciting to write about, but I am just thinking and praying for my two college girls, and I want them to know that. Blogging is our main communication. They write at times and scold me for not blogging more. So, on a beautiful Wednesday morning, I just write a quick "hello" to my college girls. I hope you girls are having a wonderful day. We miss and love you so much, and Dad and I prayed for you this morning.

Tom and I appreciated the sermon so much this past Lord's Day. It was on Numbers 11. Jody was showing the contrast between the complaints of the people of Israel and the complaint of Moses and then the difference in God's response to both of them. It was so encouraging to see how patient God is with us, when He judges the wicked. It was a good sermon - and if you are interested, it is now posted on our website - Providence Reformed Church in Des Moines. If you google it, you can find the church; click on sermons, and listen to the one on April 25th - the morning sermon! It is exciting that Jody's sermons are now available to hear. So, listen up girls!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One More Week!

Only one more week until school is done. I have two more classes to teach, one make-up class, and two finals. I still have plans to teach this summer, but at least I will get a short break!

I know that everyone is ready for the semester to be over. You can tell that all the kids are ready for swimming, sleeping in late, bike riding and more.

Our college girls will be home in a couple of weeks!

I love the summer.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wishing Kyrie Jo a Happy, Happy Birthday!

I did get to call Kyrie this morning, but wanted to close the day by saying, "Happy Birthday! We love you so very much, and miss you!" We are so thankful that the Lord is blessing your year at Grove and we are praying for you as you close out this semester.

I am so thankful that the girls have been blessed to be in Christian colleges and have Christian friends and godly professors, and good churches. We are grateful for God's full blessing that way. We are always excited to get the girls home for the summer and learn about what they have learned. We are hoping to see them in a few weeks.

DMACC will end the first week of May, but for now, I have committed to teaching two courses in the summer and two in the fall. Tomorrow I have an interview for another teaching position that is associated with DMACC, but is off the beaten path a bit. It would be very similar to what I was doing at Faith Academy. I am meeting with the director of the program to learn more about it and see if it is something that I might be able to do.

Life only gets busier and busier. I miss the part of summer where life slows down!

We had a great Bible study last night on Revelation 5. Jody was recently approached by some Jehovah's Witnesses that were denying that Christ is God, so he took us to Revelation 5 as just one example of where scripture shows the deity of Christ. In the end though, it would be such a hopeless theology to believe in Christ as only a man. How could we ever be saved? Revelation 5 shows that Christ was able to open the seals - which only God could do, and then He is worshiped and glorified.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Baseball Games and Old Friends

We were invited to watch the I-Cubs from the skybox last night with some wonderful old friends who love baseball. The skybox treatment is really fun because it is warm when it's cold outside, tables and chairs to sit in, and a great view of the game. I am not sure that I saw much of the game because we spent lots of time chatting and munching on popcorn and nachos.

Baseball is fun that way though. It doesn't require too much of you. You can participate at just about any level and it is still fun. Some of the "boys" are cheering (the wrong team, I might add), while some of us didn't even know the score.

Usually I watch the game, but even when I don't, it is lots of fun.

Thanks Chuck and Christie!


Monday, April 5, 2010


Our worship yesterday morning was such a blessing! We sang resurrection hymns and Jody preached on the resurrection. The sermon was on the blessed hope that we have in our Lord's resurrection, not just for our salvation, but for our sanctification. Christ died and rose so that we might be free to live for Him. It was such an encouragement and comfort. In our lowest moments our Lord is our hope. It is a beautiful truth.

Spring in Iowa

Spring is so beautiful in Iowa. Everything is very green and the flowers are coming up everywhere. Things grow here, even though the winters are cold and long. I love the spring . . . except - I have allergies. I don't know what I am allergic to, but I always seem to fight with them in the spring.

This spring seems especially awful, though Tom says I say that every year. I had to teach today, and I was coughing and sneezing and my eyes were watering so much that my students thought I was going to die! It was rather humorous. I kind of lost my voice by the end of the class and came home to crash!

The girls are working on all kinds of school projects - chemistry speeches, Iowa brochures, and art projects.

Kayren was invited recently to a wedding to practice taking photos. Our pastor's wife very kindly invited her so that she could learn some things. Kayren had a wonderful time and is hoping to get another opportunity this coming month!

Lorien is participating in the play as an extra. It is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which should be lots of fun.

Aleya is trying to get over her own cough, but loving riding her bike outside.

Tom is working late the next three nights, so he will be very tired for the rest of the week.

Spring in Iowa.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aleya met with a post today on the playground at school. She hit her left eye on this post while attempting to go down the slide. She didn't do any damage to her eye, thankfully, though the lid was quite swollen and blue. This evening, the swelling has subsided quite a bit, and she seems much better. I think it will be sore and "pretty" for a few days though.

We are basking in the beautiful temperatures this week - 70's! Finally! We have seen snow for so long that the warmth and sunshine cheers us all. We cannot be outside enough!

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29 -

Today is trash day. In West Des Moines we are given one day a year when we can get rid of junk by putting it on the curb and the trash men will come by and take it away. Unfortunately, all the girls are busy doing school things so Tom and I are left with getting all of it on the curb. I think we fill the curb every year, but this year looks to be a little bit slight. The fun part is watching all the people drive by with their trucks loading your junk into their vehicles. Our trash - their treasure!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The End of the Craziness

I have four more classes to teach, and then the most intense class that I am teaching this semester will be done! Whew. It has been so much work! My schedule should lighten quite a bit as I will only be teaching one class per day, Monday through Thursday. I have learned a lot, and have enjoyed it, but the level of work has been amazing.

Tom and I had birthdays this week. I love having them together. Then we kind of group our days and activities together. I like his birthday better than mine, though. On my birthday, we are the same age - for ONE day! He reminds me of that all day long. This year, we had a wonderful meal at a Thai restaurant with our close friends. It was so nice to go out in the middle of the day and visit with them and eat good food. Good fellowship and good food together is a great mix. All of my sweet children remembered (even Jathan, a little late), and Lorien spent her last nickels on Diet Coke. Kayren made a coffee mug warmer and bought me flowers. I took pictures but cannot get them loaded! The girls called me from college to let me know that they are living. (Moms like to know this!) All my brothers remember this year too! Wow! Way to go guys.

The next day, Kayren took us out again for lunch! It was so fun!

Tom and I were planning a trip to Columbus, Ohio. Why - you might ask? Well, there are two reasons. First, we had plane tickets that we had to use by March 5, and second, there was a reformed conference there for this weekend. After we got the tickets switched and everything set up for the weekend, the conference was canceled. Bummer. Now we have tickets to Columbus, Ohio for the weekend. It is so funny! We looked up the weather and it is supposed to be snowing and cold - unbelievable. We cannot change the tickets now without a huge extra fee, so tomorrow morning, off we go to Columbus. Well, it will be a wonderful time with my husband, because life is always good with him, but truly - there is nothing drawing us there! We did find symphony tickets for Saturday night. God's providence is always faithful, but sometimes it is just funny. He knows what Columbus has to offer, even though we don't!

Well, I have a lot to do before we leave. I need to get the oil changed in the cars, have lunch with a friend, write a quiz, prepare for class, teach a class, laundry, pack, ladies' fellowship tonight, and get the girls set up for us being gone. Off we go . . .

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Am I really posting?

I can't believe that I am actually posting today. It is very early on Saturday morning, which is why I have the time. We are watching Lucero children which has been great fun. Jody is the pastor of our church, and he and his wife, Amanda took a short, quick anniversary trip to MN for the night. We are watching their three little ones while they are gone. (Merry Christmas, guys!)

I am reminded of days of old when all my children were this age. These children are so delightful. I love drinking my early morning coffee and listening to them chatter about all the things they are thinking. No thought is left unsaid. It makes me laugh and smile. I so enjoy the conversations of these guys. They build stories about the stuffed animals they are holding, until Owen finds the gameboy. Then Mongi is the only one talking. She is able to carry the conversation alone. She has been talking since 5:30! So, I have balanced my checkbook, cleaned up after the dog, and straightened up some stuff in the house.

More snow is coming today. We hope to go and see Aleya's basketball game, and then hang around and work on math. I am thinking that I might get tired of the math after a while. Could be.

Well, I am going to wake my sweet husband so help out with kids.

I sure miss my little girls! But, it is so wonderful to watch them grow up and turn into ladies.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally . . .  I know that it's been ages and ages, but in God's providence, He provided a job at DMACC (the local community college) teaching math that has me so swamped I can hardly see straight.  I was hired five days before school started, and I am teaching three classes, with lots of prep.  I am ever thankful for a lady in our church who is also teaching there, and has taught the same classes that I am teaching.  She has so very generously given me notes, and tips, and spent hours showing me how to use all kinds of measuring tools that I have never seen before!  Most days are 10-12 hours of teaching and study/prep and grading.  I know that things will be much better in a semester when I didn't have all the prep to do, but for now, here I am.  

I was jealously reading Mary Kathryn's blog of the slower life at home, and finding myself envying her.  At the point of exhaustion, I would love to be home!  Tom and I have made some difficult choices though, and keeping the girls at Grandview was one of them.  We want so much for all our choices to be wise and God-honoring, but so often they seem a mixed bag.  Right now, working this much certainly isn't our first choice.  It is so interesting to see how our choices work out in the big picture.  We continue to pray that this was a wise one, and look forward to a lighter load in a few months!

The girls continue to do well at Grandview, and Kayren is doing well at the Network and at home.  Kyrie seems to be having a very busy, but good year at Grove.  Kesse is doing well at Bryan this semester too.

Jathan is still washing windows, but he is trying to get into the medical work force and get some more experience while trying to map out his plan to get started in med school, and get married - of course!

We were thankful for the time that we were able to spend in Cedar Falls with Dad's side of the family at Grandpa's funeral.  It was a time of blessing and sweet fellowship in the Lord.  We were grateful to know that Grandpa had a strong profession of faith at the end of his life.  His funeral was such a blessing to us.  Lane preached, Sarah sang, Renee and Jenna played the flute, and many family members read scripture.  Gram came, but I don't think that she understood what was happening, which actually probably made it easier for her, and for all of us.  

Well, I need to get things ready for morning.  I'm ready for sleep!