Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Tom and me!

Grandpa and Grandma came for our birthdays! They are playing chess.

The children don't know that Grandpa ALWAYS wins!

Here is Grandma drinking coffee.

and . . ., Lorien being silly. If I take enough silly pictures of her, maybe she'll want to take good ones!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Commentary on Snow

Snow brings lots of shoveling. Lorien is clearing the sidewalk - again.

Tom is trying to clean off the car, but the snow is still coming down.

Tom is working on our walkway.

Aleya joins us with her shovel. She is getting lots of practice this year!

Kayren is shoveling.

The snow comes down "horizontally" as Adam would say.

It looks peaceful in the back yard where you don't need to shovel!

We've had 48 inches so far, which is twice the normal amount. March is usually our heavy snow month.

Where's the road?

We've had lots of snow this year, and the temperatures have been very cold. These pictures are from a few days ago, but the temps this week have all been below zero. The wind chill is getting us down to -25. This reminds me of Alaska! At this point, our driveway is a sheet of ice, and cars cannot stay on it. We slide to the top, and slide back down to the street!

"Warmer" weather is coming this weekend. It should be in the 20's and maybe even the 30's!

Tom got me a beautiful blue bowl to replace the blue one that one of the children broke almost nine years ago, when I first met Tom. This one is gorgeous!

He also bought me these beautiful tulips for Valentine's Day. In April, if I can keep them alive that long, I can plant them, and they will come up every year.

Oscar, after bath and brushing. So much hair!

Aleya is getting ready in the morning.

This is Murphy, my Valentine's gift to Tom. He wanted a fish.

Betas are very pretty, but solitary. They do not want company.

Kayren is getting ready to come to work with me this morning.

A lovely sunrise over all the snow.

Oscar is barely visible in the snow. He is on the sidewalk, which has been shoveled. He can hardly move through the snow in the yard. It swallows him!

I still think that snow is beautiful.

More snow!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow, snow, snow!

We took some wonderful pictures of all the snow we got last night - about 9" or so. But, I left the camera at home. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to submit some photos.

Anyway, no school today for any of us. The girls went to piano and we shoveled the Deatsches' driveway, as well as our own. Then I went to work anyway to work on labs and curriculum.

Kyrie is getting ready for her trip to TN tomorrow. She is applying for a scholarship to go to Bryan. She'll get to stay with Kesse and see the Robinsons while she is there! She'll be back on Monday.

Kayren is working on school anyway - no enjoyment on snow days for the OCD's in our house!

Lorien is avoiding schoolwork at all costs and finding every fun means of playing possible!

Aleya just loves tagging along with Lorien. There are so many fun things to do besides work! She is at a birthday party at present.

We are all getting over the nasty respiratory bug that hit us last week. Lorien avoided the worst of it, and is just sniffling. The rest of us continue to cough and hack, but are seemingly better.

Tom is reading his ecclesiology class that he is taking from MTIOP with our assistant pastor.

Our ladies' Bible study group is growing wonderfully! We are working through Elyse Fitzpatrick's book Idols of the Heart. It has been a great study.