Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Praying at the Pole

This morning, Lorien and Aleya went to school early so that they could gather with other Grandview students and pray for the nation together. I was glad that they wanted to get up early and go, but was so encouraged to see 40-50 students gathered around the pole praying together. All ages were there, but most of them were in high school.

School seems to be going well for Lorien and Aleya. It is always very busy, with lots of trips to the east side. I usually make two trips per day, but sometimes end up with three. I would love for Lorien to drive :)!! Then, of course, she would have my car, which I would not love quite so much. Oh well.

Jathan had quite the weekend. His time with Sonya was wonderful, and he got to spend some more time with her family, but his trip home didn't work out very well. I didn't get the whole story, but the result was that he now has a cracked windshield, a flat tire that is taking several days to fix (lug nut problems), and a check engine light on. He was disappointed with all of that, but Lord willing, he will get a couple of interviews this week for jobs, and be able to get his car fixed.

I am working on the basement these days. I have a couple of coats of mud on the walls right now, but need a couple more before I texture. I was trying to think of lots of ways to make the textured top of the wall match the untextured bottom of the wall. My boss has an air compressor, and a sprayer and Lord willing, on Saturday, I will try my hand at texturing. We'll see. My boss is confident that I can do it - rather easily actually. He maintains that the trickiest part is understanding the machine. So, we hope it will go well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I started a new post last night, but wound up fighting an episode of vertigo. Whew. That stuff will get you! Bravo for updated medication and helpful children! Truly, for me, it is gone within an hour, and life gets back to normal. I am very thankful for that!

Today is my long day at work. Now, I only work Mon, Tues and Wed, but Tues is from 8:30 to 6. I will try to get as much tutoring done as possible.

I am working on developing another class that might bring in a dollar or two, DV.

Well, work has started, and I never finished this update. More later - Lord willing!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Okay Kesse - we have all tried to get back to you on Dad's birthday! It's February 23!

I am trying to type with nine fingers this morning, and finding that it is rather frustrating not to have my index finger on my left hand! I am hitting lots of wrong letters, so this will probably be short. I broke my index finger using a disc grinder on the "railings" on the front of the house. I was trying to get the old paint and rust off, and managed to get my finger caught in the grinder. Yuck. Spiral fracture. I have an orthopedic appt on Fri.

Jathan has submitted several applications for EMT work. He hasn't heard yet.

Oh - my typing is arduous. Maybe more later!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, Jathan got home last Friday, and this Friday he is moving into his own apartment! This seems to be a great moment in my mind. Writing that sounds like I don't want Jathan home. On the one hand, of course I want him around. He is a joy and as his parents, Tom and I welcome him into our home anytime. But on the other hand, he is grown up now. He is a man. He is supposed to find his way and forge a path of his own.

The joy that Tom and I have today, is the joy in watching our son take responsibility for his life. He has a car, an apartment, and some income while working on getting more. This is all good! We continue to pray for him as he chooses the most important things in life - his church, his wife, and his vocation. But, I am just thankful this morning, for the grace of God in his life, to bring him to this point. What a blessing to have children who know Christ! Then, when they are on their own and making all their own choices, we have the peace of knowing that their hearts belong to the Lord, and He will direct their paths!

Please pray for Kesse this morning, as she had a fall a week and a half ago. She hurt her arm, and while it isn't broken, it seems that she needs physical therapy. I do believe that it is crunching her studies a bit, but as always, the Lord uses such things in our lives. She is having to ask others for help!

Kyrie Jo got a visit from Aunt Debbie this past week, and that was fun! I envy Debbie for having seen Grove. I have yet to make it there. I hope Kyrie's semester is going well. My impression was that this one would be hard!

Kayren is moving right along in her studies, as is Lorien and Aleya. They all are adjusting to new teachers, which is interesting to watch.

Tom is doing fine. He had kind of a yucky day yesterday. He had several nasty meter changes (and Kim - yours was NOT one of them)! One in particular was a basement where the owners had let the cat use the meter location as its litter box (yuck!) and didn't clean it out before Tom came. I truly don't know how he does his job, but he is a trooper! I know that I couldn't do it. He had another meter that he had to change under pressure, so he was drenched and stinky two hours into his shift. He comes home tired and feeling grimy and just needing a shower and some sleep. I know that there are days that he wishes he did something else for a living :) !

Well, I need to get some things organized before work.

I do get to move ALL of Jathan's things out of the basement! Hear that son?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things are busy

It is such a relief to know that the Lord is in charge of everything. Life changes so quickly from one day to the next.

Just like everywhere else, our hours have been reduced here at Faith Academy. It is no surprise in this economy that private education would be something people might not choose to do if they are short on funds. So, we are scrambling to work out the details in our personal finances as well.

I do have a tutoring possibility, and then a couple other part-time office positions that might be available. We are praying that we will be able to keep the girls at Grandview, but are unsure of whether that is possible. It is a high priority for us, so we are leaving no stone unturned. We even thought of moving for a while, but that looks like a very risky and unwise option at this point. (Sorry girls! All my girls were very excited about the idea of moving! How crazy is that! Aleya commented that she has only lived in one house all her life.)

Jathan comes home tomorrow night at 7. We get to pick him up at the airport. Sonya should be rolling in about the same time. We are very excited about see him after all these months. I am sure that he has lots of stories to tell!

Liz Gardner's son, Curtis, is also coming in town for a business conference of some sort. I believe that he is staying with us as well. It will be busy!

We are thankful for God's continued grace to us. Life is so complicated. We are grateful for His mercy and for the knowledge of His sovereignty over all things.