Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Looking for Work

It is surprising to re-enter the job-searching world again, and the method has changed (of course) over time. Now, you surf the internet for jobs and thousands are listed. You are supposed to apply for them online by filling out an application and attaching your resume to it. You don't see any people, or talk to anyone either. So, you have to look really, really good on paper. Well, now that's a trick, isn't it? How many different ways can you explain your work experience, without tone or emphasis, but hopefully with personality and integrity? How can you explain that this job for which you are applying really isn't in your field - at all, but boy, I am willing to train and learn how to do it! Is there anyway to say - hey, I will show up; I will work hard; I will learn whatever you want to teach me; and I will give you your money's worth! Oh well. It is so nice to know that the Lord is in charge of all these things, and He will manage my work schedule ever so perfectly. Perhaps, His plan is for me to stay home, which I must say, sounds better than everything else put together!