Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Job Searching

I found out this past Friday that Faith Academy is closing here in Iowa in December. It made me very sad for so many reasons. I have really enjoyed working here and have built relationships with students along the way. I have watched students that were failing in the public schools graduate. It has been a joy to go work. I am very sad for all the students that won't be finished yet. Faith is offering a mail-order system to some of them, but many of them thrive on the personal contact, and the individual tutoring that they receive.

All to say, I am back in the market for work in a time when jobs are hard to find. It is such a good thing that the Lord knows exactly what we need, and orchestrates all these things. My job is only supplementary, though it has provided in past for our children's schooling. We have other choices we can make, but once again, we desire to make the best choices, and are wondering what that looks like.

I know that Adam and Mary Kathryn are dealing with much more serious income issues than we are, so we are continuing to pray for them daily!

We have seen our Lord provide some of the most difficult and complicated things for our good, and now is another opportunity to trust Him completely!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long time no post

This morning I have a few minutes to blog. Last night I was working on my ACT prep class here at Faith, and stayed very late, so this morning I am quite tired. I am excited about the class though. We have two students, which is all we needed to make budget! Any students after this are extra $, which is good.

Jathan is now working washing windows, while he continues to try and find a job in the medical field. Washing windows is a good job, and he will have work for at least 8 months with it. He bought a Mustang (red) which he is very happy about too. He has been coming to worship with us in the mornings. He will be watching Aleya this afternoon while I teach my class.

Kesse is visiting Kyrie Jo this week at Grove. I know that they are having a great time there. I am sure that it is a good thing that they are NOT at the same college - but it is fun to experience both places.

The three that are home are just working on school as usual. Lorien's last volleyball game is tonight. Aleya is doing well in school and making some good friends, for which we are very thankful. It is a good class.

The Knerrs came to visit this past weekend, and we had a wonderful time with them and the Dudleys and Luceros. The Knerrs are reformed baptists, and it is always interesting when the topic of baptism arises. Amanda Lucero is ready to send them Riddleberger (sp?) tapes! Yes! We so wish that the Knerrs would move back to Iowa, but will just wait and see what the Lord has for them in PA. They were going to try and stop to see Kesse and Kyrie Jo on the way home.

We've really enjoyed the Luceros. Jody is the pastor of the URC church, and Amanda is his wife. They have three very fun children with lots of sweet personality and interest. Lorien and Aleya are always delighted to have them around. Owen is 7, Ava (sp?) is 5, and Mongi is 3. Their family is young and vibrant, with lots of energy and enthusiasm for serving the Lord. We have very much appreciated Jody's preaching and counsel to our family. It is always encouraging to see how the Lord is working in many different places.

We continue to pray for the Christiansens every day as Adam seeks a call. We were heartbroken to hear that the church he is in is not going to work out. We are looking for churches for him, and praying!

Well, I need to get ready for school.