Monday, April 28, 2008

Kyrie's Formal Evening

This is Kyrie Jo and Luke.

We thought it would be fun to take their picture by the dumpster that was sitting in the driveway.

This is Luke's Dad's limo!  What fun!

This is Kyrie running from the car to the house because she is late, late!

This is the hair!  Wow!

More hair!

This is Kyrie, ready to go - whew

And this is Kyrie and Luke again!

What a great time they had!  But, Kyrie got her hair done at the Iowa School of Beauty, and it took longer than she thought it might.  She went to a friend's house, where they put on makeup together for fun, and then, she got stuck in traffic.  Luke showed up before she got home.  So, the picture shows her running up from her car to put on her dress.  Luke and limo drove around the block a couple of times and came back to pick her up.  We frantically helped her get into her dress and get her ready!  They had a wonderful time!

This week is the play "Wagon Wheels West," which Lorien and Kyrie are both in.  Lorien had a track meet today.  Kayren and Aleya have piano guild tomorrow, and Kyrie and Lorien have piano guild on Friday.  Sunday we go to Dordt to pick up Jathan's things.  Jathan comes home the 9th, and Kesse on the 10th.  Kyrie graduates on the 16th, with her open house on the 19th.  And the bathroom is still in pieces.  We hope to have it working by the end of the week!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

This week in Iowa

This is Sarah Knerr playing the harp for our ladies' shower on Thursday night 

Tom is getting ready to do the evening dishes.  Thanks, wonderful hubby!

Oscar doesn't always like getting his picture taken.

This is Kayren having fun.  I like her new haircut!

Oscar wishes he could go a-wandering out the front door!

This week brings many busy things.  We are rebuilding our bathroom, and Lord willing, by the end of the week, it will be mostly working again!  Tomorrow, Lorien has a track meet and a project due.  Kyrie is working on the play most of this week, though her formal is this Friday!  She's very excited about that!  
The dryer guy is coming tomorrow to fix our new dryer that doesn't work.  Bummer.  
Lorien gets a haircut on Thursday, which is the same day of Tom's mother's surgery.  She is getting a benign tumor removed then.  
Tom is still working on his ecclesiology class as well as his Sunday school on the Life of David.  Church is so busy these days.  We had a shower for one of the ladies who had a son this past fall.  Sarah Knerr played her harp for it!.
Rodney is preaching on Romans in the morning, and the Christian home in the evening.  Several of the younger girls are starting to help out on the piano by playing the preludes.  Kyrie and Kayren are participating in this.  
We had a very nice service this evening.  The singing was so encouraging and the message was very good.  We enjoyed the Knerrs this afternoon.  John Knerr is leaving tomorrow on his motorcycle to go to California and work in a national park.  It will take him six days to get there!  We will miss having him with us!

Bathroom Project

This is my main bathroom at the moment.

This is the rotten part of the roof where it was leaking.

More leaking.

Hopeful plan for the new bath.  We'll see what it really looks like in the end.

This is one project that I cannot do.  We are gutting the bathroom because of the mold that arose from the leaky roof.  The mold is probably what is giving me the most trouble with my asthma.  Susan's boys - Jason and Nate are doing the work for me.  We sure do miss our main bathroom!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Mary Kathryn gave me a good hint about editing the comments given so that we won't get another virus.  Anyway, I am hoping that this will work!

Comments are welcomed!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nice slow weekend

No pictures today.  The camera batteries are dead, so we don't have any pictures this time.  I wanted to take a good picture of the snow we had on Saturday morning.  The grass was all white and it snowed most of the morning.  Of course, it is warm enough that it is all gone now, but really - April 12th?  Iowa gets April snows often enough.

We were going to try and see Jathan's track meet this weekend but it was cancelled.  So, we hope to make it up for next weekend.  
This week is busy as Monday has an extra piano lesson.  Tuesday is Kyrie's birthday, and Lorien has a track meet.  I work until 7, and Tom works until 10.  My hours will be longer this week as I will be going in early in the mornings.  Thursday night we have a shower for a lady in the church who had her seventh child back in October.  Sometimes it takes us a while to get around to such things.  The winter can be intimidating!  Anyway, I sympathize with Mary Kathryn since I am supposed to teach the lesson for this shower.  I was trying to get it done before I started this week, since I'll be so busy, but I didn't quite make it.  

We got the plane tickets for the three girls to go to Mexico.  They'll be flying to Louisville, and then driving to Mexico right after Kyrie graduates and has her open house.  We had to change the open house to Monday, May 19th instead of Tuesday, May 20th, but that should work fine for all since company was still coming on Friday anyway.  

Jathan and Kesse look to be coming home for the summer, which is wonderful.  We don't always expect that our college students will be with us for the summers.  

Well, it's late, and we need to get started early tomorrow!  We had a wonderful day at church.

Monday, April 7, 2008


I changed the settings on comments for our blog because we received a virus through one of the comments posted.  Just a second ago, when I posted another entry, immediately, an unknown user had a comment that wanted me to click on it.  Anyhow, now the entry states that comments can only be made by members of this blog.  I am not sure what that means, but I'll work on figuring it out!

Iowa Updates

These flowers have a great story! (Below!)

This was Kayren's first attempt at drawing a person.  She drew this from the photo below.  

And now, the flower story - Kyrie Jo has a child development class for her third period class where she helps out in the pre-school room.  Last week, somehow, the teacher managed to get all the kids to leave without Kyrie going with them.  When they came back, they lined up, single file, each with a flower, and came in and handed the roses to her.  The last kid had a card that read, "Will you go to the Jr./Sr. Banquet with me?  Luke"  What a cool way to get asked!  He is just a good friend who wanted to take someone to the banquet as a friend.  He's seems to be a great guy, from what we know (which isn't too much).  He would like to be a missionary medical doctor.  Anyway, they'll be eating a wonderful, fancy senior dinner, given by the juniors on April 25th, all dressed up!