Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday morning

Fridays are wonderful. There is a peace to knowing that the week is over and you might get some time to recover.

I always look forward to Sundays - my favorite day of the week.

It is cold and rainy today, but it feels really cold. We are having a challenge with ourselves at home, to see if we can make it through October without turning on the heat. We are only half-way through, and I am thinking that we won't make it. It was quite chilly today. It's about 33 outside.

Lorien gets to babysit today, since she doesn't have school, and Aleya gets to go with her. They love playing at the Tarbell's house! Kayren is working on school and babysitting Lilly. Tom is working as usual.

Next week is surgery, the Harvest Dinner, a recital and Tom's sister Linda is coming home. Very busy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grandpa teaching physics

Grandpa and Grandma came this past Sunday night so that Grandpa could teach a couple of students physics on Monday.

The class went wonderfully, and Grandpa was truly in his element! One of the students had already had calculus and was able to ask some great questions. Pretty soon, Grandpa and the student were off into "never-never calculus land" where the rest of us just stand on the sidelines and cheer! All went well, and everyone had a great time.

But, of course, the amusements of the day were that after Grandpa taught "deep" physics, he had to use the facilities, and managed to used the ladies' room instead of the men's. Then, he was tired, and lay down on the floor to take a nap, and after he woke up from his restful nap, he spent the rest of the day shooting rubber bands around Faith Academy.

I wish my Dad could come every Monday!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Updates from Iowa

The morning was delightfully chilly, though we didn't have frost. You can feel that it is coming! Isn't it interesting how wonderful the cool weather feels after a hot summer. It doesn't last too long though. Usually by January I am ready for spring. Oh well. My hot cup of flavored coffee warms my hands as I walk from the car to work.

Lorien's volleyball team seems to be learning a lot. They are getting much better at volleyball! It is fun to watch them play. They don't win too often, but they are getting better all the time.

Kayren finished her huge biology project. She had to gather and label fifty different leaves. Wow. I thought that was a lot. It took a long time to get them all together. She is also excited about a painting that she has begun. She likes painting much more than she thought she would. She really likes to draw.

Aleya is working on school, and enjoying her friends from church.

Tom is working a lot, and he taught Sunday School a couple of weeks back. He will get a couple more weeks off, and then he'll start teaching again.

Grandpa Keister and Grandma are coming this Sunday. Grandpa is going to teach the Physics class at Faith Academy. It should be a fun day!

I made my "to do" list. It seemed so long! There are so many things that you would like to get done before winter. Hopefully, this Saturday will let us get lots done.

I'll try to get my camera back from my daughter. Somehow, it just doesn't feel like mine anymore :) !

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Updates, but no pictures - sorry!

Well, Lorien turned 14 yesterday. Max had a birthday too. Happy Birthday, Max and Lorien! Lorien had a fun day, with people at school saying, "Happy Birthday," to her, and giving her notes and cards. It was nice. Then, she had a cake last night at youth group. It was a fun day.

She is now old enough to get a job, and to get her driving permit. Wow. It's amazing how quickly they grow up!

We are enjoying the cool crisp morning this morning.

We are mourning the Cubs losing to the Dodgers last night. What a miserable game! Maybe we'll do better today.