Friday, December 31, 2010


This has been such an uplifting season for our family! We have been blessed with different family members coming to visit us. But the Lord has given us a new church family too. We have been blessed with such sweet fellowship with the family that the Lord has given us here in Des Moines.

Over Thanksgiving, my parents, Tom's parents and Jathan and Sonya came over, and the Luceros were able to come too. I just loved getting to sing in my living room! Isn't it awesome to have your pastor and his family join you for Thanksgiving dinner?

Over Christmas we had a wonderful time with a sweet family in the church, the Stembers, sledding and frosting sugar cookies. We had Christmas Eve at Susan Lynch's house with the Seylers, the Hindals, and the Dolinseks. The fellowship was so wonderful, and the singing was great! Tom's family came for Christmas day, and we were able to spend time with them. Then we just finished a short trip to Minn to visit Sonya's family in Luverne, and work on a few wedding details. We had such a wonderful time! They are very much family to us.

We will always miss those that we haven't gotten to see - the Robinsons, the Christiansens, the Keisters and so on, but we have been so blessed by the fellowship of believers here in Des Moines.

Christ has provided that sweet fellowship of the saints. With singing, prayer, devotions together, eating together, worshiping together, and more, we are so thankful for the family of believers!

On Sunday nights we now gather for dinner after evening worship. Sometimes it is small, and sometimes lots of folks stay, but we are able to eat and visit with brothers and sisters in Christ, and really get to know them. It really is family, sharing food and stories, discussing theology and movies, and encouraging each other for the upcoming week.

The Lord knows our needs! He provides for us in such wonderful ways!

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