Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

Today is a snow day! Yea! I was thinking this morning about why it is that I like snow days so much- even when I was homeschooling. We would still do school - so what is the excitement?

For us, snow days mean that we all get to wake up slowly. After all, there is nowhere to go! We get to sleep cozily in our warm beds while the blizzard winds howl around our house, knowing that God is keeping us safe from the terrible elements.

Then, when we rise, we get to see the beauty of God's handiwork. I have always loved the beauty of fresh snow and am regularly surprised by how white it is. The drifts are gentle and flowing and make beautiful ripples across the yard, almost like water on a lake. How does a harsh wind that sounds cruel and deadly possibly make drifts that are so beautiful? I muse at the irony of God's creativity.

Ah, then I begin to think about breakfast - first breakfast anyway and especially coffee. Today will need to be a full-pot day. After all, snow days are for drinking coffee! So I pick the best smelling and most robust of all my flavors and soak in the energy that even the smell of coffee brings. Yum.

Coffee in hand, I get to ever so slowly have time to read and pray, with the light of day and the brightness of the snow.

Snow days are about God. They are about His providence, His care for us, and His greatness. I still feel like I don't have enough time to soak it all up though. The snow blowers are starting up and the sweet silence of the morning is interrupted by the gas-powered engines that are set to move the snow out of our way. Now we can leave, you see.

But really - I would rather stay!

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