Monday, February 21, 2011

Trip to Belhaven

The Lord is so gracious! We had a very safe trip to Belhaven and back. We were in the car 32 hours out of 60 (whew) which I would rather NOT do again!

The trip was laughable because we were so sick. We coughed all the way down there. Kayren saw the school on Friday and went to class. We coughed all the way home on Saturday. We went to the doctor on Sunday and got some antibiotics, and are all home today (Monday) from school/work trying to recover!

Belhaven was very nice though. Kayren liked the school a lot. She was able to sit in on a math class, and see the beautiful art building. My niece Lauren showed us all around. She was preparing for an art show, so we were able to see many different art pieces displayed! We were very impressed with the quality and the imagination shown! The art building is beautiful! Kayren received her extra bonus scholarship for visiting the school, which was also good. I am not sure where that puts her financially, but we will be checking on that this week.

Lauren showed us some fun places in town. We went to Keifer's to eat. This came highly recommended by Adam Christiansen, and then we were able to go to Sneaky Beans Coffee Shop.

We got to see First Pres Church and RTS as well. Tom enjoyed the bookstore! We never made it to the RTS library, which is now HUGE! Sigh. But, maybe we will make some more trips down there and see more later.

Now we are just waiting for the antibiotics to work! Sooooo tired!

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