Monday, January 31, 2011

Time for my Once a Month Blog

Hmmm. I guess I really only write about once a month. (Sorry college girls and lots of other family!)

Well, this is the setting. Two days ago I could feel that tickle in my throat once again, and I knew that my asthma was coming to visit. Deciding to attack it early, and upon Tom's persuasion, I thought I defeated it early, but instead, it came back with a horrible vengeance Friday night and I am now in the throes of a fully medicated asthma treatment plan. Bummer. Mostly it means lots of coughing throughout the night and then the loss of voice and being exhausted. Yuck.

Anyway, today I went ahead and went to work because it isn't contagious and I hate to miss a day as we get so far behind. So, after teaching I came home in the sleet and snow just beat. No one was home. I always come in through the garage, so I was met by the very clean and wonderful smelling sunroom. "Ah," I thought. "Kayren must have cleaned!" The sunroom is kind of her study room, so she likes to keep it up - which is very nice for the rest of us.

Well, the kitchen is next, and it was perfect, and I mean perfect. The floor, the stove, the microwave - wow! I LOVE a clean kitchen, and I have this thing about floors. What a special treat!

I went into the living room/dining room, which had also been perfectly cleaned. Music was playing, and I just sat down at the table with such a thankful heart for my girls who would be so kind to me to clean up.

After sitting a few moments, I decided to hang up my coat, since I didn't want to ruin the clean rooms with my junk. When I went into the office, it had been perfectly cleaned and DUSTED! Are you kidding? Wow!

Curious, I decided to investigate, and found the bathroom sparkling, and then - unbelievably, they had even cleaned my room! That, I must say with shame is a HUGE job! They cleaned my dresser and Tom's, my nightstand, my bookshelves (what bravery!), and my shoes! When I turned to leave the room, there were flowers on the nightstand with a wonderful sweet note from my girls! I just cried! What a precious and sweet expression of love!

I just hugged them and hugged them when they got home!

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M.K. said...

How wonderful! What excellent girls you have -- and what a great mom, who has raised them to be loving and serve others :) I'd be thrilled to come home to such a surprise! Love y'all!