Monday, September 24, 2007

Wedding pictures!

This is Shena - Jathan's girlfriend from Dordt.

This is harpist who played the processional. It was such lovely music!

Here is Adrian during picture-taking time. He is not married yet!

This is Susan with many of her friends, who brought her flowers to her! What a great idea!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Always Busy

No new pictures today - we are so busy!

Kayren and Aleya are still sick. We are praying that they will recover soon, or they will not make the wedding. That would be very sad! We heard that Hannah Robinson is also very sick and we are praying for her to recover too. It sounds like she has something worse than our girls.

Today, Kayren is supposed to go to Network, Lorien has a volleyball game and then is babysitting afterwards until 9:30 or 10:00. Kyrie is also babysitting this afternoon. I have a shower tonight for the bride of next week's wedding. Tomorrow, Lane and Sarah and children (hopefully we will get pictures), along with Dad and Mom will be stopping by the house on their way to the wedding in Atlanta.

Worship was wonderful yesterday. We had a visiting pastor who preached on a couple of parables. Great sermons! We so appreciate our church and the fellowship there. As you look around the sanctuary, you see all these very different folks who love the Lord. We have such good friends and spiritual encouragement in our church. We get fed the Word faithfully. We are very grateful!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Volleyball games!

This is a sweaty, happy Lorien. They just won their first game!

This is the girls' team.

Lorien is ready to receive those serves!

Enthusiastically meeting with the coach for a time-out.

She looks like she's dancing a jig here, but really, she was encouraging a teammate.

This is a better picture of her team!
Lots of pictures here because I may not remember my camera next time. Lorien is enjoying Grandview very much! We are very thankful that she gets to go. The coach put her on the 7th grade team so that she can learn more and play all three games.

Fall in Iowa

This is Kayren, doing school in bed. She is SICK! I hope she didn't get what Lorien had!

This is Aleya, working on spelling, and wishing she could be outside in the fall weather.

I think that Oscar really likes it when it cools down outside. He wants to play.

This is our backyard view with 42 degrees this morning, a cool breeze, and the beautiful green. Iowa in the fall is so lovely!

This is the back flower garden that I weeded for hours last week. The poison ivy is finally gone (I hope!)

We are mostly working on school, and driving all over the city for different events. Lorien now has a babysitting job on Monday and Wednesday evenings. She has a volleyball game tonight. I am planning on taking my camera!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

So busy!

I need to take lots of pictures, but haven't had the time! We had a wonderful weekend cleaning up around the house. I spent most of Monday weeding the yard. Wow! It's amazing to see how the weeds thrive while the grass dies. Hmm.

Our days begin very early and end very late. We are working on adjusting to all the new things that we are doing. Piano and Spanish started this week, and network begins next week. After that, we'll know better how to schedule.

I think that I do math ALL day! I teach all day, come home and work on Calc with Kyrie, Alg I with Lorien and Geometry with Kayren - for hours. I think that I will run away tonight and go to the grocery store or something exciting!