Tuesday, June 23, 2009

God's Gracious Goodness!

How thankful we are for God's grace! He provides for us over and over.

We are rejoicing in several items of prayer that the Lord has graciously provided.

One of Kyrie's friends from college's Dad, has been severely sick with a brain stem tumor. We have been praying for him this month in our family worship, and found out yesterday that he is actually improving. We are so thankful!

Kyrie and Kesse have been struggling to work to get funds for college, and as far as we can tell, it looks like they have enough for another year!! What a blessing!

Jathan is thriving in the military and has been given a position of authority there. He is doing well on his tests - PT and academic, and really enjoying his training. Also, he was so encouraged by a wonderful visit from his girlfriend, Sonya, this past weekend, and her mother. They had a great visit!

Our church has a new group of believers that have been visiting and asking lots of questions, and we are so excited to have them with us! They are refreshing our souls for the truths of the Gospel, and it is always so exciting to see what the Lord is doing in the lives of His people.

We continue to pray for Adam and Mary Kathryn as they seek permanent work. We are thankful for their willing faithfulness in very difficult times, and are praying for God's continued blessing in their lives.

How thankful we are, for God's faithfulness and goodness to us! Even in our sorrows, His grace is our hope and comfort. But what a beautiful blessing to see His work in the lives of His people around us!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer School in Full Swing

We are ending week two of summer school today. This session is amazing! 6 weeks goes by so very quickly, and we have so much to cover. Every day almost seems desperate to me, in trying to work with the students so they will understand the material. There is so much to do!

We have had an odd June for Iowa. It has been raining a lot - though not like last year with the floods, but the temps are staying rather cool. We only turned on our air this past week, and I cannot remember a June that cool since I have moved here.

The girls made it home from Mexico this week, and it was so good to see them, and have them get home safely. There was a "skirmish" in a gas station parking lot, and a lady accidentally turned into our car, taking out the front headlight and blinker. We can't seem to keep our cars out of the shop! Everyone was fine, but this lady, who was more apologetic at the time, decided to rescind the truth to her insurance, and the damage will be ours to cover. Bummer. It is good that the Lord knows these things because He works out the details of all of that. Perhaps she saved a couple of dollars because she lied, but, in the face of the bigger picture - before God, what has she gained? I am trying to place this all in the context of living for Christ with the girls, because there are times on earth when it seems that the unrighteous get away with their theft and lies, but the Lord is faithful, and He is gracious, and He is in charge. He will work out our situation, for His glory, and for our good. Maybe our attitude could be a witness to her someday. After all, she doesn't know that one day, she might see us again knowing what she has done.

All to say, the Hyundai will need to go into the shop this coming week. Sigh. At one point Lorien said, "It's illegal to drive without working headlights?" Great -

Life is moving faster than I am these days. There are so many things happening. Our church is starting our first ever, VBS in July, and I am working on the music for that. Whew. It is a lot of work, but I am experimenting with several ideas and excited about the possibilities! Also, Susan's son Will is getting married on August 1, and we are helping with the rehearsal dinner for that, as well as some music there too. We are trying to fit in a trip to NC to see Robinsons before the fall semester too.

Please continue to pray for the girls for school this fall. They are working very hard to try and earn the money to go, but both Kyrie and Kesse understand that it might not work out. We are just going to take it semester by semester, and trust that the Lord is working out the details for all of their schooling. Lorien also may not make Grandview this fall. Each semester, we re-evaluate, but we must be faithful with what we have, and what we don't have. I am thankful that the girls have good attitudes about their situations. It would be very sad for them to have to postpone their college and high school, but, we don't know all the possibilities that the Lord might have for them. I was telling Kyrie yesterday that the Lord might just have her take a little bit longer so that she can meet a future husband:)!! Who knows? He has a perfect plan.

Well, I need to get going for school.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Life is very busy these days, which is why I haven't posted much, but there seems to be so much to report.

First - Kyrie and Lorien called from Mexico to say that things are going well on their missions trip. In fact, Kyrie got the opportunity to present the Gospel Tuesday night - in Spanish. She was funny though. "Mom," she said, "I don't really know what I said! I hope it was right!" They are getting lots of work done, and Dad and Arne are sufficiently arguing about which is the right way to accomplish the construction :) !! Yesterday they were supposed to go to the river, and today they are back on task.

Jathan is doing well these days. His girlfriend, Sonya, and her mother are coming to visit him next weekend, which he is really excited about. I am hoping that their platoon doesn't blow it for that visit! His studies are going well, and he is recovering from a bout with some sort of respiratory junk.

Kesse is working her heart out - 10 - 12 hours a day, trying to get enough money to make it back to Bryan in the spring. She has enough for the fall semester. I think that this may be the toughest work schedule she has ever had. She has to do telemarketing for 6 hours a day - yuck! She is holding up, but I think that if she never did telemarketing again, it wouldn't be too soon.

Aleya has had lots of fun while the girls have been away. She spent last week with her good friend Rachel, and this week she got to play with Emma Seyler, and spend the afternoons with Bridget. She is not suffering! I think that they are going to the pool today.

Tom is working lots of hours, but finished up his Sunday school class this past week. He is thankful for that. We are starting a new study with another couple in the church that looks to be very interesting. I am looking forward to that.

We have lots of students - and I have lots of math students. It will be a very busy 6 weeks.

We are thankful for all the Lord is doing. Please continue to pray for Adam and family as he looks for work!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Iowa in June, 2009

It is actually cold!  We have yet to use the air conditioner this year - which is surprising.  I cannot remember another spring/summer where we hadn't turn on the air in May.  We are still having lots of rain and very cool weather - 50's and 60's with occasional 70's.  

The three girls and my Dad made it to Louisville, and Kyrie called yesterday to say that they had made it to Jackson last night early enough to get some rest.  They were having a good time.  The "Kayren" incident - which I cannot help but mention because it is so "Kayrenish" -  was that on their way to Louisville, they were playing a riddle game that must have been rather intriguing.  Kayren was driving, and she managed to leave the interstate on an exit and get on another interstate - without knowing that she had done it!  At one point my Dad asked, "Kayren, did you take an exit?"  Kayren emphatically answered, "No!"  Kyrie and Lorien both chimed in, "Yes, you did!  You just took that last exit!"  She wasn't convinced until they saw the interstate sign that showed that they were on the wrong interstate.  But, they made it, none-the-less.  

Lane called this week to let us know that he has been writing songs for all his nieces, and had finished his piece for Kyrie Jo.  It is fascinating!  He was able to record it, and post it on youtube, and we were able to bring it up and listen to it.  It is just a beautiful piece.  I am going to try and post it on my blog.   Anyway, he wrote it in the flavor of Chopin, and it is just a lovely piece.  I don't know if Kyrie has gotten a chance to hear it yet because she has been on this trip, but I am hoping she can get the music and learn to play it.

Well, I tried several different ways to get this to load, but couldn't get the video to load.  Maybe this link will work.  It's on youtube, so you can try it!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Off to Mexico

Well, my Dad, Kyrie, Kayren, and Lorien are on their way to Louisville, and then to Mexico for the annual mission's trip there. This year they are doing a lot of construction and building.  It's my Dad's first year to go, and he is excited (and nervous!)  I hope they have a great trip.  

Kesse is working lots of hours in two jobs - telemarketing (yuck) for Muscular Dystrophy, and then at HyVee.  The hours are long and the work is pretty miserable, but she is trying to earn enough money to make it back to Bryan this fall.  Please pray for her this summer.

Jathan is settled into San Antonio.  He was able to attend church this past Sunday and he said that the service was much better than the ones in basic.  He was encouraged by that.  The study is challenging, and he is thankful that he has had lots of the information already in some of his college classes.  If you fail combat medic training, you will end up driving a truck or cooking in an infantry division.  He is motivated to pass!  He has an address now:

Specialist Thomas Robinson
E Co 232 Med Bn 7th Platoon 10th Mt
2950 Koehler Rd, Bldg 1350
Fort Sam Houston, TX  78234

He would love any mail or packages you all want to send.  He can get good stuff now!

Aleya is having her friend Rachel over each day this week, which she enjoys.  Lorien normally provides babysitting, but since she is gone for these next two weeks, I get to substitute this week.  Aleya is happy that she didn't lose time with her friend just because Lorien went to Mexico!

Tom is finishing up his Sunday School class this next Sunday and then our church takes a Sunday School break for the summer.  This will give Tom more time on the weekends.  He spends most of Saturday (along with several evenings) working on Sunday School.  

My school starts back up on June 8, and just from the phone calls, it looks like we might have quite a few students!  We are praying for a record summer this year, and we might get it.

We are excited about Philip's graduation and acceptance to Covenant College!  I hope he has a great time there!