Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduation, Grandparents, and Open House!

Here are a few of the homemade treats we had for Kyrie's open house!

This was some of the spread. BBQ turkey sandwiches, fruit, vegies, chips and goodies!

Some of the girls made a pyramid with the help of Grandpa Keister.

This is the new finished bathroom! It's the nicest room in the house!

I love the tile in the shower.

Kyrie walking down the isle after she had graduated!

All the seniors brings their parents a rose to say "thank you" during the ceremony.

This is Kyrie's cake. It was a yummy carrot cake.

These were lilacs from our backyard, but I didn't have the time to cut them. My next door neighbor, Connie cut them and put them in a vase for me. They made the whole house smell wonderful!

And here is Grandmama Robinson getting ready for the party! She spent the morning de-boning 6 turkeys! Thank you VERY MUCH Mama!
We made it through the week. We had two graduations, and an open house, and four of the kids left for Mexico on Tuesday morning. Tom left for Chicago on Monday night. I am still recovering on Thursday morning! We are so thankful for all the Lord has done.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Night before the Open House

We are getting ready for the open house tomorrow.  Kyrie is excited.  She graduated on Friday (pictures are coming!)We really enjoyed the graduation ceremony, with the music and the speeches! Faith Academy had graduation on Saturday afternoon.  It was such a nice graduation, and the kids were so excited!  It was great to see them finish and get to walk.

Today we had a great day at church with Rodney preaching on Romans in the morning service; lunch with the Robinsons and the Knerrs; the evening service on the Christian home, and a nice graduation party for Matt Bockert afterwards.  

Tomorrow, the Keisters are coming; we have the open house, and Tom is leaving for his class in Chicago.  Tuesday morning, the girls are heading to Mexico for their missionary trip.  It's all very busy and exciting.  

I have to admit, that Tuesday afternoon will be a wonderful, QUIET time here at the house.  Yes!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tom's Cousin

As you can see, I have pulled the two postings related to Tom's cousin, Chuck.  One family member requested for me to remove the postings, which I did.  

However, I wanted to make clear that Tom and I have greatly appreciated all the prayers and support we have received personally, and what an encouragement it is to have family and friends who know Christ at such times.  We appreciated the comments and e-mails that we have received, and would appreciate continued prayer for the rest of the family. is the local news station in Des Moines, if you want further information about Chuck.  I believe that his obituary is printed in the Des Moines Register.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kyrie's plans

This is Kyrie's Open House invitation.
She is planning to graduate from Grandview Park Baptist School, on May 16, 2008. Then she is hoping to join a missions team going to Ciudad Victoria, Mexico, along with her sisters, Kayren and Lorien, as soon as school is out. Afterwards, she will spend the summer earning as much money as possible since she is planning on attending Grove City College, in Grove City, PA, in the fall. She would like to study pre-med, Spanish, and music.