Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One down, four to go!

Yes, it has been nearly six weeks since I last blogged! The class that has been consuming major blocks of time is now finished! Can I even begin to express how excited I am about that?! I am sure that my students are as thankful as I am that it is over. The accelerated pace made it grueling for all involved. Anyway, the final is over and the grades have been submitted!

I am hoping to pick up lots of pieces of life that have dropped along the way, including trying to find place tickets to get Kyrie home for Christmas, working on some of the music for church, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner and holiday, and of course, cleaning the house.

I am looking forward to evenings with the family again! I do not want to have another semester like this one. The price was too high.

The kids have youth group tonight at our house, though Tom and I will be going to Bible study at the church. We have lots of fun things going on in the next two weeks. We will surely miss Kesse and Kyrie Jo for Thanksgiving, but hope they have a wonderful time!