Monday, July 12, 2010

Reformed Youth Conference

Kayren and Lorien left last night to go to Oregon. Oregon - wow! They get to go out to the beautiful state of Oregon with 700 other teenagers, and attend a Reformed Christian Conference out there. I have to admit a little bit of jealousy. Tom and I really enjoy going to conferences and I hope that they will have as much fun as we do when we go.

Kayren called last night from Kansas City. While she was taking a shower at the hotel, the bathtub overflowed, as well as the sink and toilet (yuck). So, they had to move to a different room. Exciting adventures await, I am sure.

They called today to say that they had made it safely. Now they will give up their phones and electronic toys and spend the week listening to godly men teach them from God's Word. How exciting!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid-Summer Rest

Ahh. The 50th's are over. What a joy and blessing it was to participate in those celebrations, but it is nice not to be so busy for a moment. We have some tremendous photos of both, taken by our good friend Amanda, who very kindly gave up lots of time to make these special occasions last on paper.

I have three more weeks of school, and then we are hoping to get back over to the east coast and visit family there. I do need to call and see if they are going to be home when we can come :)!!

Aleya turned 10 yesterday, and Kesse turned 21 today. The twins will be 32 on July 12th too, and Johanna, my niece has a birthday on the 8th ( I think). Busy month of birthdays!

The Lord has indeed been gracious to our families!