Thursday, March 24, 2011


Some of you already know that my Mom went into the ICU this week for terribly high blood pressure (260/160). She has been in for most of the week, but seems to be doing better now. Tom and I are going up there tomorrow for the weekend. They will need to monitor Mom's medications and find something that will reduce her BP. Please pray for her!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March in Iowa

Spring break began this past Friday afternoon, and we were blessed with wonderful warm weather for the week! Tom took the week off too, so we have had the break together at home.

Of course, I cannot survive without at least one project, and this time I am refinishing the dining room table (again). I think this is either the 3rd or 4th time. I sanded endlessly (10-12 hours at least), and now am working on the finishing part. This takes FOREVER! What was I thinking?

My Dad and Mom are coming tomorrow, and we are going to work on the wedding gowns for the girls. They need to be hemmed and Aleya's needs to be altered a bit.

We were also blessed to find another car to replace the one that Lorien totaled. We were ever so thankful for God's provision there. We were planning on just trying to make it with one less, but the scheduling was going to be very tricky.

I still have taxes to get around to ( for the girls), and FAFSA, and a few other things, but overall, aside from the table, it's been a very relaxing break!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Trip to Belhaven

The Lord is so gracious! We had a very safe trip to Belhaven and back. We were in the car 32 hours out of 60 (whew) which I would rather NOT do again!

The trip was laughable because we were so sick. We coughed all the way down there. Kayren saw the school on Friday and went to class. We coughed all the way home on Saturday. We went to the doctor on Sunday and got some antibiotics, and are all home today (Monday) from school/work trying to recover!

Belhaven was very nice though. Kayren liked the school a lot. She was able to sit in on a math class, and see the beautiful art building. My niece Lauren showed us all around. She was preparing for an art show, so we were able to see many different art pieces displayed! We were very impressed with the quality and the imagination shown! The art building is beautiful! Kayren received her extra bonus scholarship for visiting the school, which was also good. I am not sure where that puts her financially, but we will be checking on that this week.

Lauren showed us some fun places in town. We went to Keifer's to eat. This came highly recommended by Adam Christiansen, and then we were able to go to Sneaky Beans Coffee Shop.

We got to see First Pres Church and RTS as well. Tom enjoyed the bookstore! We never made it to the RTS library, which is now HUGE! Sigh. But, maybe we will make some more trips down there and see more later.

Now we are just waiting for the antibiotics to work! Sooooo tired!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

Today is a snow day! Yea! I was thinking this morning about why it is that I like snow days so much- even when I was homeschooling. We would still do school - so what is the excitement?

For us, snow days mean that we all get to wake up slowly. After all, there is nowhere to go! We get to sleep cozily in our warm beds while the blizzard winds howl around our house, knowing that God is keeping us safe from the terrible elements.

Then, when we rise, we get to see the beauty of God's handiwork. I have always loved the beauty of fresh snow and am regularly surprised by how white it is. The drifts are gentle and flowing and make beautiful ripples across the yard, almost like water on a lake. How does a harsh wind that sounds cruel and deadly possibly make drifts that are so beautiful? I muse at the irony of God's creativity.

Ah, then I begin to think about breakfast - first breakfast anyway and especially coffee. Today will need to be a full-pot day. After all, snow days are for drinking coffee! So I pick the best smelling and most robust of all my flavors and soak in the energy that even the smell of coffee brings. Yum.

Coffee in hand, I get to ever so slowly have time to read and pray, with the light of day and the brightness of the snow.

Snow days are about God. They are about His providence, His care for us, and His greatness. I still feel like I don't have enough time to soak it all up though. The snow blowers are starting up and the sweet silence of the morning is interrupted by the gas-powered engines that are set to move the snow out of our way. Now we can leave, you see.

But really - I would rather stay!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Time for my Once a Month Blog

Hmmm. I guess I really only write about once a month. (Sorry college girls and lots of other family!)

Well, this is the setting. Two days ago I could feel that tickle in my throat once again, and I knew that my asthma was coming to visit. Deciding to attack it early, and upon Tom's persuasion, I thought I defeated it early, but instead, it came back with a horrible vengeance Friday night and I am now in the throes of a fully medicated asthma treatment plan. Bummer. Mostly it means lots of coughing throughout the night and then the loss of voice and being exhausted. Yuck.

Anyway, today I went ahead and went to work because it isn't contagious and I hate to miss a day as we get so far behind. So, after teaching I came home in the sleet and snow just beat. No one was home. I always come in through the garage, so I was met by the very clean and wonderful smelling sunroom. "Ah," I thought. "Kayren must have cleaned!" The sunroom is kind of her study room, so she likes to keep it up - which is very nice for the rest of us.

Well, the kitchen is next, and it was perfect, and I mean perfect. The floor, the stove, the microwave - wow! I LOVE a clean kitchen, and I have this thing about floors. What a special treat!

I went into the living room/dining room, which had also been perfectly cleaned. Music was playing, and I just sat down at the table with such a thankful heart for my girls who would be so kind to me to clean up.

After sitting a few moments, I decided to hang up my coat, since I didn't want to ruin the clean rooms with my junk. When I went into the office, it had been perfectly cleaned and DUSTED! Are you kidding? Wow!

Curious, I decided to investigate, and found the bathroom sparkling, and then - unbelievably, they had even cleaned my room! That, I must say with shame is a HUGE job! They cleaned my dresser and Tom's, my nightstand, my bookshelves (what bravery!), and my shoes! When I turned to leave the room, there were flowers on the nightstand with a wonderful sweet note from my girls! I just cried! What a precious and sweet expression of love!

I just hugged them and hugged them when they got home!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reading blogs

I have to admit that I just love it when my bookmarked blogs highlight that there is something new to read! i get to glean all the exciting websites and posts and information that others so kindly have shared. Sadly, I do not post as much as I should, but I just wanted to thank all of you out there that do!

This week I am trying to deal with an abscessed tooth (yuck) by preparing for my classes, sleeping, taking pain killers, sleeping some more, and reading blogs. Lord willing, I will have permanent results tomorrow, but at least for today, I can catch up on some reading.

Christmas is always a whirlwind of activity, but it is such a joy to have the kids home and have family fun. Last night all the kids were gathered around the table playing games. It was great to hear them!

My girls are doing so much to help me this week, from endless laundry to cleaning out the frig (thanks Kyrie Jo!). They vaccuumed and dusted and did the dishes, made meals and cleaned up the Christmas decorations. Thank you girls!

Tom had the whole week off and we had a wonderful time!

Friday, December 31, 2010


This has been such an uplifting season for our family! We have been blessed with different family members coming to visit us. But the Lord has given us a new church family too. We have been blessed with such sweet fellowship with the family that the Lord has given us here in Des Moines.

Over Thanksgiving, my parents, Tom's parents and Jathan and Sonya came over, and the Luceros were able to come too. I just loved getting to sing in my living room! Isn't it awesome to have your pastor and his family join you for Thanksgiving dinner?

Over Christmas we had a wonderful time with a sweet family in the church, the Stembers, sledding and frosting sugar cookies. We had Christmas Eve at Susan Lynch's house with the Seylers, the Hindals, and the Dolinseks. The fellowship was so wonderful, and the singing was great! Tom's family came for Christmas day, and we were able to spend time with them. Then we just finished a short trip to Minn to visit Sonya's family in Luverne, and work on a few wedding details. We had such a wonderful time! They are very much family to us.

We will always miss those that we haven't gotten to see - the Robinsons, the Christiansens, the Keisters and so on, but we have been so blessed by the fellowship of believers here in Des Moines.

Christ has provided that sweet fellowship of the saints. With singing, prayer, devotions together, eating together, worshiping together, and more, we are so thankful for the family of believers!

On Sunday nights we now gather for dinner after evening worship. Sometimes it is small, and sometimes lots of folks stay, but we are able to eat and visit with brothers and sisters in Christ, and really get to know them. It really is family, sharing food and stories, discussing theology and movies, and encouraging each other for the upcoming week.

The Lord knows our needs! He provides for us in such wonderful ways!