Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Vacation

This year we were able to travel east across the country and visit family. These trips always seem to go too fast.

We stopped at Arne and Debbie's first. They are our hotel along the way. They welcome us at all hours, feed us, give us a wonderful place to sleep, and don't get mad when we are only there for a very short time. We love going to worship with them. Dave's sermon was really good.

We did get to see Mama and Papa Robinson in Brevard, which is always a blessing. We got to sit and chat for a bit and catch up on what they have been doing, as well as talk about the wedding. Papa is already making plans! :)

Adam and Mary Kathryn were getting ready for their trip to MS, but graciously took us in for a few days. Adam cooked - which is always interesting, complicated and yummy. He cooks all those things that I bypass because it takes too long, or needs constant interaction. We sang around the piano, and enjoyed Peter and Philip's bass and tenor voices and Mary Kathryn's beautiful soprano! We relaxed and solved the world's problems on the couch or outside in lawn chairs. We love going to their house!

Then we went to Max and Anne's in Renick, WV. They have a beautiful blueberry farm there with lots of animals. It has the peacefulness of a farm with all the commotion of 13 cousins. Faith and cousins and Marshall and cousins all came to visit as well. So, we also gathered around the piano and sang. Max and Marshall sing parts, and all the kids love to sing. Some of them sing parts as well. So, from the living room of a farmhouse rang out praises (in parts) to our Lord. You can just imagine the music floating over the countryside. Everything we ate had been grown on the farm - meat, milk, cheese, veggies, fruit. Aleya got to milk the cow and feed the calf from a bottle. The girls fed the chickens and picked berries and tomatoes. One night all the cousins slept in the barn with a strange cat and bats (hmmm). The next night they all slept in the field under what would have been stars had it not been overcast. They woke up drenched! It was great!

Then we got to go back to Arne and Debbie's and stayed a little bit longer this time. We were able to worship with them again. Dave's sermon was good (I hear), but I accidentally took a sleep aid instead of Motrin in the morning, so I was really fighting sleep all day. They knock me right out, so I can't believe that I wasn't lying down in the pew, but Tom managed to keep me upright. We are hoping that Arne and Debbie can come for Thanksgiving this year!

Vacation is about seeing our wonderful family, singing and eating with them, and enjoying the beautiful scenery in all the wonderful places we get to go. We are so thankful for all that the Lord has given us. Don't forget guys - you can always make the trip to Des Moines too! You are welcome anytime!