Sunday, March 30, 2008

Visitors welcome!

This is the new guest room - Robinson ready for May!

This is Kayren's new room.  She painted and decorated.  

The window isn't done yet, but hopefully will be in about a week.

Here is Aleya drawing.

Kayren in enjoying her new room!

Tom is enjoying Davidson at Kansas!

This is the finished wall.  I am fairly happy with it.

We painted with another faux paint pattern to cover up the waviness of the wall!  
I just consider it a unique feature.

So, after all the house renovations, we are taking a short break to finish school and concentrate on work.  We are busy at church, and Tom's Mom is scheduled for surgery this Tuesday.  We are praying for Jathan and Kesse as they are working on their final weeks of the semester.  Things get kind of crazy sometimes.  Kyrie is still college searching.  Finances are a real struggle for college students!  We are looking for options.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This was an amazing project. Initially, it looked like the water had seeped behind the paint and bubbled it out, but alas, the plaster was also damaged. After scraping off the plaster, underneath was concrete! What a wall! I have often wondered why it was so difficult to hang pictures!

So, the repair goes like this:

concrete - (get it right the first time - sanding doesn't work very well!)

plaster - (really get this right the first time, AND in the right amount of time - say 2 or 3 minutes. You mix plaster with very cold water, which begins heating up immediately and as the plaster heats up, it thickens to a paste/rock-like substance that doesn't do anything except stick to the floor, the chair, your gloves and the trowel. Then, when you finally get it on the wall - forget actually trying to get it smooth. But don't worry - you can sand plaster. That only takes a week or two to get your whole living room covered with plaster dust!)

sheetrock mud - YEA! I've used this stuff before. I can DO this!

special bonding stuff - uh - glue? What is this for? So it will all stay on your wall!

primer - oh good. I've used this before too.

And lastly - PAINT!

Nice short spring break project. It will take all week!

Spring Break Projects!

Here is my spring break project - or one of them anyway. The water came through the ceiling, went under the plaster and bubbled the plaster out.

I also painted the dining room with a new faux finish. It was lots of fun to do, and I really like the result!

We are trying to organize piano books, so we found this bargain "music" bookcase that matched the piano! What fun!

This is the water damage on the other side of the wall from the living room.

And here are two little girls playing "go fish" as a break! Rachel is Aleya's friend and is spending the days with us on spring break.

There are lots of other projects too. When we got more water in our basement a few weeks ago, we had to empty the storage room out. Now, we are trying to organize everything downstairs, and the biggest project with that idea is organizing books. I am de-junking and hope to shed many, many things!

The girls are working right along with me. I couldn't do it without them!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Out with the Old

The snow is melting!  

Our yard still has some snow, but it is melting away!  


And - we finally replaced the old stove, which was melted and miserable.   After two weeks of crock pot meals and sandwiches, the family protested enough for us to break down and get a stove.  I was waiting for the perfect bargain.  But, the Lord provided this one!  As you can see, Kyrie has already made bread. Stoves are wonderful!

We are super busy this week!  Kyrie leaves for her senior trip tomorrow night.  The rest of us will be on spring break next week.  Tom leaves for Presbytery this afternoon and won't be back until Saturday sometime.  The girls have babysitting jobs lined up for the week, and of course - projects. We are rearranging things, and Lorien wants to move to the basement.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Formal

Proud Daddy with Kayren.

They had a fun time!

Kayren is ready to go!

And it's all about the hair

And more hair . . .

Last Friday night, we went to the formal. Of course, the fun part is all the getting ready part! I put in the picture backwards of course. Oh well. The formal was delightful, and Kayren was able to display her artwork there. It was fun!

We are especially thankful today for the save arrival of Abraham Grant Robinson!

Tom mentioned that we should call him "Jefferson Stonewall" for short!

We are so thankful for his safe arrival and the Lord's blessings on Marshall, DeVona, William and Clark.